Cost of the course

The total cost of the course for foot launch or wheels launch is $4500 + HST.

Before starting the ground handling you have to purchase your equipment. I will recommend to you some options but final decision is up to you of course.

I highly recommend Air Conception Nitro or Tornado motor units and Apco Lift-2EZ wing. I tried many motor units and many wings from different vendors and I choose this as the best for students and pilots.

If you got your own equipment keep in mind that I will not accept it in following cases:

  • If the PPG motor unit too heavy.
  • If the PPG equipment too old.
  • If the PPG equipment unsafe.

For my students and graduated pilots I’m providing discount on Apco wings, reserves and Air Conception motor units. When you learning on your own equipment it is removing unnecessary stress to brake not own equipment.

Before first ground handling session you must have your own wing and harness and before first flight add the motor unit. You will be flying your own motor unit and wing.

For the sessions I provide:

  • Helmet with communication system and radio.
  • Simulator
  • Wing sock.
  • Reserve parachute if you don’t have your own yet. For cross country only.
  • Altimeter or GPS.

The wings and motor units which I’m recommending good not only for school but for next levels as well.

Please keep in mind that I running this school not for business but help to others to get in the sky. I have some expenses which should be covered and I’m spending my own time to teach and train you which should covered also. Most of the profit I’m reinvesting in the equipment and process. Therefore please do not look on me as on person who is trying to sell you something or make profit from you. If you come to learn to fly – I WILL HELP you but if you coming to negotiate the cost and price, please find another school as I’m not good in this.