So far I can recommend just one vendor for PPG helmet with Avionic Communication System. It is Horus Communication Helmet. It is highly configurable helmet and options can be different based on your requirements. This is configuration which I choose and flying with avionic radio.

Horus Communication Helmet Price in CAD depends from exchange course from Euro to CAD $ 642 + HST + shipping ( Price will be estimated during the order).

Details (Included)
Horus Helmet Color: Carbon Optic
Screen: No
Size: S, M, XL, XXL
Connection Type: Airband Radio
Electronics: NAC-Sidetone
Earing protection: OP II (31dB)
Radio Connector (Sidetone): CB07s (VXA Threaded) or other cable for your avionic radio.
PTT: Right or Left
Microphone: Electret Noise Cancel
Aux. Connection (sidetone): Yes — without cable —
Phone Input: NO
Volume Control: No volume control